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From a Corporate Perspective:

In the competitive environment of the global marketplace, education and innovation are necessary to advance a company’s position and enhance its ability to succeed. Recognizing this, companies are willing to invest time, effort and funds to keep their employees abreast of new developments and trends that will help them adapt to ever-changing conditions and strive to meet the uncertain challenges ahead.

From an Individual Perspective:

Continuing education is the key to professional growth and career advancement in today’s competitive workforce. Professionals must be willing to devote personal time to learn the latest systems and techniques to expand their knowledge and skills in their chosen field.

Listening to the voice of our members, the APICS-Buffalo Chapter has developed year-round, comprehensive educational programs that include the latest in industry tools, techniques, and terminology for operations and supply chain professionals. The format, function, and preparation methods are different for each program, offering a unique experience with each course!

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Course Start Date/time Length of Course Location Cost ( Includes Books and Materials)
CPIM Part 2 Sept 10  6pm 13 Weeks Rich Products $1,150
CPIM Part 1 To be determined 10 Weeks To be determined $1,150
CSCP To be determined 10 Weeks To be determined $1,795
CLTD To be determined 10 Weeks To be determined $1,795

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The APICS-Buffalo Chapter educational programs cover multiple disciplines. Our certification programs are focused on value to both the individual and the business.

For more information and to express an interest in one of our classes contact our education director at: .